Anti Ragging Committee

Committee has taken steps and allotted duties to all the staff members at almost all areas in the college (i.e. canteen, parking places, different blocks, play grounds etc.) and ensure that at least one faculty member will be present at any particular time at all the locations to avoid ragging activities.
Committee has taken precautions to avoid ragging activities at other locations like bus stops and given instructions and appointed teachers at various boarding points. 

Role and responsibility of Anti-ragging committee :

1 To keep a strict vigil at all hours round the campus and other vulnerable places to prevent any possible          case of ragging and to ensure that the campus /hostels are free from ragging.

2 To conduct anonymous random surveys and ensure that the students do not indulge in the act of ragging      in the campus/hostels and take adequate measure to prevent it.

3 To publicize to all students and prevalent directives and the actions that can be taken against those                indulge in ragging.

4 To consider the complaints received from the students and conduct enquiry and submit report to the              principal along with punishment recommended for the offenders.

5 To ensure the display of posters on the institute notice boards and other prominent places and create            awareness to the students.



Sr. No                             Name                                                                                   Constituency

   1                     Prin.Dr.J. G. Jadhav                                                                        Chairperson

   2                     Mr.Kuware K.N.                                                                                Member

   3                     Mrs.Madake H.M.                                                                            Member

   4                     Mrs.Mutadak Bharati.                                                                    Member

   5                     Prof. Saindanshiv S.E.                                                                    Member

   6                     Prof. Gadhave V.V.                                                                            Member

   7                     Mrs.Ubale Vimal Prabhakar  (Member)                                    Member

   8                     Mr.Raut Balkrushna Pandurang                                                 Member

   9                     Mukane Suraj Dnyaneshwar .                                                     Member

  10                    Gawari Laxmi Sakharam.                                                             Member

  11                    Warghade Manoj Bhagirath.                                                       Member

  12                    Mr.Patil A.H.                                                                                     Member